Diabetic Foot Assessment

Those with diabetes can often develop foot complications often resulting in neuropathy (loss of sensation) & ischeamia (reduced circulation). this can lead to an ulceration, which can then become infected. An infection can potentially spread to other areas of the limb and therefore increase the risk of a lower limb amputation. The main aim of a diabetic foot care assessment is to prevent any diabetic lower limb complications for occurring and also to educate patients on how to look after their feet.


Includes a thorough check of foot pulses, check of foot sensation, diabetic foot care advice and written report of assessment sent to GP

  • Corn & callus removal
  • Ingrowing toenails and other nail pathologies
  • Skin disorders/infections
  • Advise on bunion correction
  • Foot & ankle injury & pain
  • Foot posture-related aches and pains


30mins | £40.00