Unlock your true potential, the calm within the storm!

We incorporate breathwork & cold water immersion therapy alongside dynamic mind, body and spirit practices to empower your life moving forward.

Benefits include:

  • Stress management
  • Creative Inspiration
  • Heightened Focus
  • Improved Immune response
  • Faster recovery
  • A deeper understanding of yourself

The Boreas Transformation Experience consists of:


  • Introduction & Welcome – A warm welcome and a briefing on what to expect from this powerful day
  • Optimised Breathing & Awareness Exercises– More in-depth understanding of breathing and natural ways to increase its strength & efficiency. The breath is our engine!
  • The Boreas System– Using focus, relaxation and breath we investigate, identify, accept and empower aspects of ourselves that are hidden within. We discover our true selves and purpose.
  • Fire Breathing– Breathe to become happier, stronger & healthier! This breath accelerates profound meditative states, energy and focus
  • Guided Drum Meditations– Moving you deep into the subconscious mind to clear trauma and install positive feedback. Move deeply into relaxation & grounded presence!
  • Dynamic/restorative Yoga Flow– Utilising breath with movement, we become grounded and confident in our bodies capabilities
  • Ice Bath Experience– The groundwork has been set, now it’s time to lean into fear & make the empowered choice.  Become the calm within the storm!
  • PDF Home Practice Packs– More knowledge into the techniques plus a guide to continued practice at home
  • Closing Circle– A time to reflect & close on a magical experience!

Established in 2018, Boreas Healing uses powerful, natural methods that empower you in becoming your most POWERFUL YOU. Utilising breathwork; guided meditation, yoga and ice bath immersion we eliminate fear, stress & anxiety. Creating an environment that teaches you to remain present and grounded in high stress environments. You become the calm within the storm.


After training alongside Wim Hof in Poland on Mount Snezka, a 2.5 hr climb was completed in minus 10 wind chill temperatures and storms wearing only a pair of shorts and boots!


These techniques not only allowed near superhuman feats, but also had a huge positive impact on physical and mental health. Daniel is now five years clear of asthma symptoms and Boreas has facilitated this powerful work with people suffering from severe stress, depression, anxiety and PTSD (including war veterans) and professional athletes.


We’ll deep dive into your natural body systems using methods that intuitively connect with mastering your mind, body and spirit, and if continually practiced, can hugely improve the quality of your mental, physical and emotional health.


Our transformational workshops are held in a safe, compassionate space. Force or pressure is never used. We leave our egos at the door. Trust is our number one priority.




“It’s hard to put into words just how powerful this was.” – Kirsten Smith


“This was an incredible and amazing experience” – Rebekah Bell


“Incredible team that created an environment of absolute trust, safety & understanding” – Sonia Smith


“My own experience was overwhelmingly positive, joyful and a kind of bliss” -Matthew Frost- owner of Function First Dojo & Lincolnshire flotation tanks and Cryotherapy.


“The methods were beautiful and the feeling genuine”– Angela Westbrook, BACP registered Psychotherapist

Please note: Personal liability and health forms must be signed and completed. Boreas Healing is fully insured.