Meditation Energy

Alpha / Theta / Delta

This module is a copy of the Meditation and Energy Balance module, with the voice guide removed.
Instead of a short guided meditation at the beginning of each session, the user is reminded to breathe by the sound of human breathing.


Programs can be used as a single session, or a series of one session a day, for 6 days.

Start on session one. All subsequent sessions can be used in any order.

6 PROGRAMS (25 minutes each):

Session 1: Energetic Cleansing and Tension Release. Session 2: Physical and Mental Detox
Session 3: Grounding
Session 4: Mind Body Regeneration
Session 5: Releasing Stored Stress
Session 6: Energy Meridian Balance (most intense vibrations)


Single Session: £20

Recommended Package of 6: £100

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