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What is Counselling & Psychotherapy?
Therapy take place in the Spa of the health club, in a confidential, quiet and safe space. One to one for 50 minutes, we create a time to explore in a non-judgmental environment. I offer reflection, insight and empathy. Our sessions are at the pace of the you, the client and you can bring anything you feel you want to address.

Reasons to try Therapy:
• Relationship Issues
• Work based challenges
• Depression
• Grief
• Anxiety
• Confidence
• Greater self-awareness
• Greater life balance

Tips for a mentally healthier you.

• Learn to take care of yourself. You can be a priority in your life! Life is busy, stressful and can feel overwhelming. It is not uncommon to feel the burden of looking after people. Our family and work commitments can take up much of our time, but how much time do we invest in our own well-being? One of my passions is to make therapy just like going to the gym. We go the gym because it enables our well-being, often not just physically but also mentally too. Going to therapy is an extension of that investment in ourselves.
• Surround yourself we nourishing people. Sometimes we find ourselves around people and in places that do not enhance or make our lives better. Taking a good look at our set up seeing who supports you, who rallies for you, who cheers for you when you try.
• Seek help. Waiting until things hit crisis point can be the first time that people turn to therapy and this is a courageous move. Seeking someone to talk to when our mood is low or we need to make big decisions can help with finding resolutions and working through challenges.
• Learn more about yourself. Do you know what you need? Do you know what makes you happy? Calm? Laugh? Relaxed? By discovering more about our own drivers we can take positive action to create those things.
Mental health issues are not the things that affect 'other people' Mental health effects us all. 1 in 4 of us will face some mental health challenges this year, ( 2019)

I believe everyone deserves the chance and opportunity to create mental health and wealth in their lives. if you would like to have a free informal telephone consultation, please call on 07939 101 645 or email

Reach out and discover your worth.

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