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Definition on the eyes is a crucial part in keeping a youthful appearance - from a lash line to a bold 'makeup' eyeliner. Dependent on the eye shape different styles of eyeliner can be created to give the illusion of bigger eyes, fuller lashes and natural definition.

All treatments are bespoke and individually designed for each client so if you are unsure on what is best for you, Jasmine will guide you.

All eyeliner treatments include a consultation, treatment day and a second review session.

LASH LINE | £250.00
Very subtle eyeliner naturally creates the illusion of thicker lashes. Only through the natural lash line.

Through and slightly beyond/above the lash line, intensify your eyes giving a soft perfectly applied eyeliner.

FELINE LINER | £350.00
Classic sharp winged eyeliner for a makeup replacement.

Small shading above the lash line to create hazy results and natural makeup.

Bigger shading across the eyelid for a shadow effect, multiple colours can be blended.

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