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Semi-Permanent Makeup is the perfect solution to look your best at all times – no matter what the reason!

The beauty of permanent cosmetics means that it will never smudge, wash off or run away during those emotional moments and only when you’ve experienced it will you realise what you’ve been missing out on!

An eyeliner treatment will create vibrant and striking eyes and will do wonders to transform your morning routine! Whether you are getting married and want to avoid those ‘black tears’, swim regularly but feel naked without makeup, or simply like to apply eyeliner on a daily basis, I have an eye liner treatment that will suit your every need.

You control how you want your eyes to look. If you prefer heavier make up for evenings out but want a more subtle look for the daytime, then I would suggest having a natural line & colour and for those special occasions you can still apply additional eyeliner over the top.

Eyelash Enhancement | £250
Almond Eyeliner | £300
Latino Eyeliner | £395

What is Semi-Permanent eyeliner?

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Semi-Permanent eyeliner has several techniques to suit everyone’s individual needs. These include:

  • Lash Enhancement – This procedure makes your lashes look thicker and darker. A subtle enhancement is created in between your lash roots. A very popular choice for those who want an extremely natural effect.
  • Almond Eyeliner – This is my most popular of eye treatments. It defines and shapes your eyes with a crisp sculpted liner. This begins with a much defined line in the inner corners of the eye and gradually gets larger towards the outer corner. This creates a striking, almond shape eye, which looks both sophisticated and natural.
  • Latino Eyeliner – This is the thickest and most glamorous option. It makes a real statement and is perfect for those of us who love to look glam daily. This look is achieved with additional treatments over a period of time.

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